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ForTI - Fortificazioni Ticinesi

Ente Regionale Sviluppo Bellinzonese e Valli


Sector . Region and territory development
Client . ERSBV - Regional Agency for Development of Bellinzona and the Valleys
Year 2013

In the mountains between Italy and Switzerland there is a heritage of buildings and structures built for military purposes in previous centuries.
Most of these constructions are located in places that are considerably valuable in terms of the environment and the landscape.
This is why the ERS-BV intends to promote the use of these buildings, mainly for touristic purposes, but also for cultural and educational purposes, by means of the interregional project “ForTi – Linea Cadorna”. Toast Communication Lab was involved in the development of the logo for project concerning the part of the Ticinese Fortifications. This project is called ForTI – Ticinese Fortifications.

The meaningful graphic elements identified as being essential for representing the nature of the project by means of the logo are:

Mountain (strong regional connotation)
Tower-Fort (simplified military fortification representative of the types of forts typically used for defending the Swiss frontline)
Line (understood as a blockade line)
Series of dots (understood as a series or set of fortified points spread across the region, as well as a stylised representation of the typical embrasures)
Concept of inclusion of the mountain (military strategy for positioning forts among the mountains, partially hidden underground, also understood as a strong link between defensive strategy and the nature of the Swiss terrain)
“Dragon’s teeth”: a special kind of defensive military obstacle, created to prevent armoured vehicles from getting to a specific territory.