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Associazione Ticinese Psicologi


Corporate image, graphic design, web design and development
Sector . Social Health Services
Client . ATP - Associazione Ticinese Psicologi
Website .

Following the change of the association’s name from ATPP (Ticinese Association of Psychologists and Psychotherapists) to ATP (Ticinese Association of Psychologists), the association wanted their identity to be more recognisable, both among professionals in the field and among the general public and members of the association themselves. In close collaboration with the client, Toast Communication Lab worked to make the association’s values more explicit by means of a new institutional image, proposing various concepts and graphic variations of the logo and of the corporate material. The new logo represents the first step towards a recognisable, coherent, and cohesive public image for the Ticinese Association of Psychologists. Gradually over time, Toast Communication Lab will support the association in reviewing its image on all its communications and promotional materials and in making its own values explicit.

Corporate image