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Media planning, corporate image, graphic design, advertising, radio advertising, events
Sector . Construction
Client . Artepool
Labels . Artepool Style, Artepool Store
Website .
Year 2011-2012

In 2012, Artepool, which has been present on the market for many years, decided to split its brand into brand Artepool Store and Artepool Style, dedicating the two divisions to different categories of target groups and products. All aspects of the communications side of the split were supported by Toast Communication Lab: graphics, strategy, and advertising, from the creation of the logo system for the two brands, to the creation of elegant introductory brochures, the Artepool Style website, and all the graphic materials for promoting and communicating the new strategy. Toast Communication Lab also provided constant support to the client in the strategic media planning stage. The agency provided the client with the graphic concept to create stands for exhibitions and events, as well as handling the production of the necessary support materials.

Corporate image

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